Featured on Huffington Post!

I am so excited that I got featured on the Huffington Post! I received an email from jewelry designer and fashion blogger, Wendy Brandes, asking me if I would like to be featured on her post Do Long Skirts Mean You Should Short Stocks?, (click on the link to view!) I immediately accepted! Well, I hope you guys check it out, I'm number 18 on the slideshow.



Shorts (Rampage)
Boots (Bakers)
Gray top (My Roommate's)
Denim top (Walmart)

Hello there my lovely readers! I know you guys are probably annoyed with me for not updating regularly, and I apologize! This outfit was just a last minute thought, and it's very casual. Something odd happened though; while I was taking pictures one of my neighbors said in a creepy voice, "Hey babe!", but he looked very dangerous so I just went back in the house! Has a neighbor ever spotted you taking pictures in your neighborhood? Tell me what you think!


Blue Leopard and Yellow Shorts

Top (Forever 21)
Shorts (Thrifted)
Bag (ASOS)
Clogs (Aldo)

Hello lovelies, how was everyone's week? Are we ready for the weekend? I know I am! Anyway, I know I've worn these shorts quite a bit, but my broke college girl budget cannot fit new clothing purchases! So I'll just have to make with what I have. Thank you to all my new and old followers, you guys mean so much to me, and I am also grateful for all the comments! Tell me what you think!


So Many Colors. . .


Tribal Print Blazer (Vintage)
White Denim (Zara)
Turquoise Pumps (Urban Original)

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? My weekend was very lazy, all we did was watch movies and play video games, but I enjoyed it! Tell me what you think of this look!

p.s. I just want to apologize for not replying comments quickly, but I've been a bit busy. So don't worry, I ALWAYS reply to everyone's comments!


Yellow, Coral and Blue

Top (American Apparel)
Denim (Urban Outfitters)
Clutch (Urban Outfitters)
Wedges (Urban Outfitters)

Happy Friday loves! I'm so ready for the weekend! But for the good news, I really love living with my friends so far, we're like sisters! We never fight, but if we do, we always solve it and move on. Anyway, tell me what you think of this outfit, and thank you to my new and old followers, I really appreciate you support!


Trendy Thursday: Wild and Western

Wild and Western

Blouse, $40

Hey loves, it's Thursday! I'm so happy because that means tomorrow is Friday :D. I just want to apologize for slacking so much on my blog! Somedays I was too busy and tired, and other days I was just too lazy. Well, what do you think of the Western trend? I absolutely love it! 


Fluorescent Adolescent

Top (American Apparel)
Dress worn as skirt (Forever 21)
Clogs (Aldo)

Happy Monday!! I'm usually a Monday-hater, but today I feel really good. Day four in my new place is really good so far. I'm very happy! :) This outfit is really bright! I love it though, it just seems to lift my spirits haha. Tell me what you think!


Collar Shirt and Leopard Pumps

Top (Vintage)
Denim (Forever 21)
Heels (Urban Original)

Happy Saturday loves! How have you guys been doing? I've been a little stressed out, but I'm getting better! I moved out of my mother's house yesterday, and I have a REALLY good feeling about it! I just know that it will be a move for the better! Well, tell me what you think of this outfit :) 


Flower Printed Skirt

Top (Vintage)
Skirt (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes (Urban Original)

Happy Friday loves! How has your week been so far? Well, mine has been exhausting, but I'm glad the weekend is coming up! Tell me what you think of this outfit :)