So Many Colors. . .


Tribal Print Blazer (Vintage)
White Denim (Zara)
Turquoise Pumps (Urban Original)

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? My weekend was very lazy, all we did was watch movies and play video games, but I enjoyed it! Tell me what you think of this look!

p.s. I just want to apologize for not replying comments quickly, but I've been a bit busy. So don't worry, I ALWAYS reply to everyone's comments!


Marella said…
Amazing outfit!
Looooove your blog, really inspiring!
Following! Follow back? <3
KaNini's said…
Love all the colors! Amazing shoes and love the top! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, very pretty! Love the colorclash!!

x A.
Sick by Trend said…
Love those shoes!! fabulous color :D

Hilke Marike said…
So any colors ! And such a amzing girl! I LOVE your pumps !
Hermosa Makeup said…
Love your shoes! You look great!
Anonymous said…
gorgeous colours! you look amazing!
x M.
Oh nice blazer
Heather said…
wow! this outfit is amazing! i love the print and the colors and the shoes are just gorgeous! Love love love! I wished I could pull this look off like you!

-Heather from
Jaci Walker said…
Love the outfit!

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tailorstitch said…
that jacket is a great statement piece! I can see it jazzing up many an outfit
Loving the addition of those blue shoes :) Just found your blog and loving it!!! Come check mine out and maybe we can follow each other?
Cammie Callisto said…
Love the vintage blazer!
oooh...I adore your blazer!
ohh mann your shoes are insane.. LOVE them! xx
Joandy said…
wow, such a colorful blazer, you pull it off very nicely, always love your blue pump!!
Like your outfits. :) xxx
true said…
i loveee this outfit and i love how you give it an african touch!

- True