Featured on Huffington Post!

I am so excited that I got featured on the Huffington Post! I received an email from jewelry designer and fashion blogger, Wendy Brandes, asking me if I would like to be featured on her post Do Long Skirts Mean You Should Short Stocks?, (click on the link to view!) I immediately accepted! Well, I hope you guys check it out, I'm number 18 on the slideshow.


Congrats on the feature, you look great!
xStroutx said…
Congratulations! This is awesome
Shea said…
Congrats on the feature, that's awesome! And I love that printed maxi skirt!
Anonymous said…
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Morgan said…
No way girl! That is so so great I am so happy for you! Go you!

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Anonymous said…
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Violet said…
congrats on the feature!

Vi from Cali
Salima Jenkins said…
Waw what a blog !
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