Yellow, Coral and Blue

Top (American Apparel)
Denim (Urban Outfitters)
Clutch (Urban Outfitters)
Wedges (Urban Outfitters)

Happy Friday loves! I'm so ready for the weekend! But for the good news, I really love living with my friends so far, we're like sisters! We never fight, but if we do, we always solve it and move on. Anyway, tell me what you think of this outfit, and thank you to my new and old followers, I really appreciate you support!


Violet said…
i love all of the color! glad living with friends is going well! you should do a closet/room tour when you get the chance

Vi from Cali
Emilie said…
do you know how good you look? The colours match perfectly together, and they go you very well!! My favourite outfit of this day, absolutely!!!

Nice mix of colors
Love your wedges
Rene Braun said…
Lovely blog honey! Come to visit my blog too :))


chloe chante said…
Nice post & like youre blog!
I'm following now!
wanna follow me?
Shea said…
You are really rocking these bright colors girl! And I love the gray shoes--it's the perfect neutral to balance out the brights.
jamie said…
nice color combo!! youre as pretty as a picture ;)
Joandy said…
great color combo,you look great as usual, the weather there always seems so nice,i am so jealous of it:P
xNTA said…
I loved this!!! So on point! Those colours look absolutely fantastic on you! Also, really love the shoes :)

A necklace would also look great with this outfit!

Have a great one! x
Isabel Spectre said…
Fabulous color combo!! also your wedges are soooo great! :)
le sorelle said…
i love the bright colors - especially your clutch! great look!

sorelle in style
Shinigami_U said…
Nice Colour Blocking :D
Lidiya said…
I love your outfit, great colors <3
Irene's Closet said…
Love your shoes!

I'm a new follower :)
Kasia W. said…
nice look:)
Hermosa Makeup said…
I am loving everything about your blog and I'm now following! Your sense of style is amazing!!!

Check mine out :) Xoxo
Fashion Fifth said…
Love ur colour combinations, so cute!


Alice Dias said…
Hi, hi, following your beautiful blog!!
Can you follow mine?? Please??
And, I would be very happy if you follow the twitter, too!! @_justforgirls
Pink Kisses
Alice Dias
Sherry said…
Great color blocking! Love the blue jeans and I'm loving the orange!! Very cute!!
Lydz xX said…
the colours on you are amazing
Lydz xX
great use of color blocking! xo
Morgan said…
Girl you know how to color block better than anyone I know! LOVE this soo much!

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Heather said…
seriously, you wear colors so so well! I LOVE your outfits!

-Heather from
Heather said…
This is so lovely and inspirational! Color blocking is something I'm not naturally good at, so thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration!

-Heather from
Boma said…
Love the color combination!