Shorts (Rampage)
Boots (Bakers)
Gray top (My Roommate's)
Denim top (Walmart)

Hello there my lovely readers! I know you guys are probably annoyed with me for not updating regularly, and I apologize! This outfit was just a last minute thought, and it's very casual. Something odd happened though; while I was taking pictures one of my neighbors said in a creepy voice, "Hey babe!", but he looked very dangerous so I just went back in the house! Has a neighbor ever spotted you taking pictures in your neighborhood? Tell me what you think!


k come karolina said…
loooove your blog!

xoxo from rome
Lydz xX said…
love the look, pretty cool
Lydz xX
Love that first shot and loving the bag!
Alien_chic said…
very make me wanna get a denim shirt. also i didnt mean to post my last blog twice...thanks for pointing it out.xoxo
Hilke Marike said…
so beautiful picture! Love that look ♥
Love this look
Macademian Girl said…
I'm totally loving this set honey!!! the shoes and the bag are like WOW!!! <3
Macademian Girl said…
Honey I'm totally loving this set, the bag and shoes are like WOW!!! <3
Toria said…
Love your boots!
Isabel Spectre said…
aah! sorry for the creepy neighbor!! Taking pictures is pretty awkward sometimes, especially if creepy people say weird things to you.. so sorry you had to experience it! I really like your outfit though! your denim top is awesome :) Have a good week!
chelsea.jade said…
Love your littel satchel. So cute :)
**OnYxStA** said…
liking the bag a lot x

Flaviana Boni said…
I love the bag!!

Check out my new outfit post!
. said…
Love the outfit1
Violet said…
haha no but i was scared they were going to yesterday because i took them at home outside for the first time. during school im comfortable taking pictures on campus

love the boots hun!

Vi from Cali
You look so beautiful! Love the boots. I hate it when random people stop to stare when i'm taking photos, I usually wave;). x hivenn
Dami said…
You look hot chic! Love