Happy Belated New Years!!!

Last year was a whirlwind but I am so stoked for the new year and I started it out with a bang by partying my tush off.  I purchased this 3/4 sleeves sequined dress a while back for $10.00 at a thrift shop in queens.  Sorry I can't recall the name of the store but it was one of those church charity thrifts.  Anyway this dress reminds me of the roaring 1920s flapper styled, maybe because of the beaded fringes at the bottom.

Paired with checkered print clutch, black tights, forever 21 shoes and gloves that I had in my closet and... VOILA!

My sis (Nihmen) who is not yet old enough to go :( suggested I take a pair of flats with me and boy did they come in handy because those shoes weren't 100% comfy.  All in all I had a swell time dancing the night away.  *My apologies for the poor quality of the pics, they were taken with my cell.*


New changes!

Hello lovelies! Happy belated New Year! I know I haven't been blogging in a long time, but a LOT has been going on! There has been so many changes in my life, but I will share those with you on the blog. My sister and I decided to do a joint blog, and we're both going to do posts and I'm so excited because she's so stylish! We changed the name to Sugar, Spice and Everything Style. The new website is http://www.sugarspiceandstyle.blogspot.com/. Come to our site and visit us! Hope you like it!