YaaYaa / Kae

I am so excited that the video for this amazing song is finally here. First off I have to say how much I LOVE this song, it's definitely heartfelt. YaaYaa (formerly known as Bertha) is a Ghanian singer, singing about a lover that has left her and pleading with him to remember all the good times they had and not to leave. You don't have to understand the language to feel what she is singing about. Such a great song. Enjoy!

YaaYaa | Kae from NKACC on Vimeo.

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If you didn't get a chance to catch the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards AKA SAG Awards Ceremony Sunday night on TBS worry not, for I am sure the are plenty of remnants of it on YouTube. Teyonah Parris, who plays the first black employee on AMC's Mad Men stood out and shone brightly with her one shoulder purple frock and goddess like French Pompadour.  If you haven't been watching Mad Men you should totally tune in and check it out.



Why do we care if Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem AKA "Star Spangled Banner" at President Obama's inauguration ceremony?  It matters a great deal whether or not she  lip-synced because lip-syncing is a fraudulent  act, especially if we are made to believe otherwise.  Anderson Cooper backed Beyonce's Lip-syncing by tweeting "who cares if Beyonce lip-synced, she looked and sounded amazing".  As if looking and sounding amazing is all that matters, shame on Anderson Cooper for saying that, looking and sounding amazing is not good enough if the authenticity is not there. Secondly, Kelly Clarkson looked and sounded amazing as well but she didn't lip-sync her performance.  I never was a fan of Beyonce even before she hypocritically signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi after supporting Michelle Obama's "Let's Move Campaign" to fight obesity in children, and that is just one of her many many faux pas.  It's up to individuals to do some research about whom they choose to idolize and not just blindly exalt someone while refusing to acknowledge their considerable mishaps.  Comment as you see fit.



Today is a day of celebration, not only is it Martin Luther King Day, it is also the day that President Barack Obama takes the public oath, for his second term in office.  The first Black president of the United States, is a symbol that in some ways, the manifestation of Martin Luther King's dream has come true although it has not been fully fulfilled.  Fifty years since the Dream Speech and we would be living in denial to think or say that racism is completely behind us, for there are still remnants of racial inequality  in our society today.  One example of this is "Institutional Racism" which is evident in our Low Income Area Schools and prison systems.  I wanted to share this video of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech with you guys, let his vision still inspire us.  Happy Inauguration day!  Happy MLK Day!


Red Bomber

Chilly Friday in Brooklyn and I am wearing my favorite red leather bomber that makes me feel badass.  I am starting to feel like I own this Baseball field right next door to my Apartment complex, as I am usually the only one there and it is my favorite spot to sit and reminisce/reflect on things, no matter the weather.

 Brown leather skirt, Red bomber, Brown and gold argyle print sweeter are all thrifted except for the beanie which I bought from a NYC street vendor, the brown leggings are from H&M and Brown boots are Faded Glory.Thanks for checking my blog out, enjoy and feel free to comment. xox


Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong just came clean about doping, on the Oprah Winfrey Show and not that long ago, was the Tiger Wood scandal about his extra marital affairs.  I couldn't help but to find some comparison between the two. They're both athlete, they both got caught cheating, etc. The only difference is Lance Armstrong went as far as to bully the reporters who questioned him about it, which actually makes Tiger Woods look redeemable, right about now.  Cheating is cheating and cheating is wrong but which is worse? Cheating on your spouse or cheating at your work?  Either way, it's a betrayal of trust.


Artist Benon Lutaaya

I recently stumbled upon and was captivated by some images of a 28 years old Ugandan born artist Benon Lutaaya, who presently lives and work in Johannesburg S.A.  He started his professional career in 2009 as a collage artist. And only started to paint in 2011 on a residency program at  Bag Factory. Benon is regarded as one of the most exciting, improving and sought-after upcoming artists within the Johannesburg art scene. His work is increasingly becoming recognized and appreciated.Check him out at this link  http://www.benonlutaaya.com

Ashamed to be happy

Abandoned to their fate

Vulnurable girl

Pillars of the family

These artworks pretty much speak for themselves as they conjure up all kinds of feelings inside you. Hope you enjoyed them and thanks for checking out my blog. xox Mia



It is very Important to celebrate oneself because as we all know, we are and can be or harshest critic.  At times it can be as easy as giving yourself a pep talk.  I am not an expert on this matter by any means but I can testify that it works for me. I consciously catch myself midway through beating myself up and correct it. Trust me, it works. Try it.  When I do catch myself, I counter the negative thought with positive ones.  The trick is to be conscious enough to catch yourself because most of us go through life unconsciously.  Nobody is born with high self-esteem, it something that requires work.  That being said, I found this very, very inspirational song by Inna Modja and boy is she a force to be reckoned with.  Also my fellow blogger Vanoue is in this video, checkout her blog here--->>http://www.lespitreriesdevanoue.com Enjoy!


China is Raping Africa of Ivories

Cameroon, Tanzania and Kenya are just a few of the African Countries where elephants are being poached in epic proportions for their tusks as the demand and cost for Ivories has skyrocketed, making it the latest conflict resource. 70% of the poached Ivories are being exported to China where it is used to make things like chopsticks, necklaces and combs due to the new emergence of wealthy middle-class from their latest economic growth.  Little to nothing is being done to prosecute or stop the people involved due to weak laws and the corrupt government officials who also profit from this illegal trade.  Ivory Coast does not live up to it's name any more as there are only about a few hundred elephants left, compared to ten times that three decades ago. At the rate that these elephants are being killed it is only a matter of time before they become extinct.  Comment as you see fit.



It's winter in Brooklyn, yet warm enough to wear sheer...

Lace one-piece button-up shirt is hand made by me, black sheer dress is from forever 21, thigh high stockings from Victoria Secret, Doc Martin black boots



The temperature warmed up a bit in NY today, so I took a trip to park

I am wearing vintage black velour skirt, Black fleece sweater that I beaded, thrifted white lace button-up shirt, steve madden black/brown lace-up bootie and black leggings.



Even since I got my hands on this faux leather trench, I fell in love.  Here are a few ways I've worn it.



Baseball Park, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Black leather skirt, black and white printed sweater and infinity scarf - H&M, Black leather shirt - thrifted, Baseball socks and tights - American Apparel, Black leather Gloves -thrifted



All items are thrifted and picture was taken in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!