China is Raping Africa of Ivories

Cameroon, Tanzania and Kenya are just a few of the African Countries where elephants are being poached in epic proportions for their tusks as the demand and cost for Ivories has skyrocketed, making it the latest conflict resource. 70% of the poached Ivories are being exported to China where it is used to make things like chopsticks, necklaces and combs due to the new emergence of wealthy middle-class from their latest economic growth.  Little to nothing is being done to prosecute or stop the people involved due to weak laws and the corrupt government officials who also profit from this illegal trade.  Ivory Coast does not live up to it's name any more as there are only about a few hundred elephants left, compared to ten times that three decades ago. At the rate that these elephants are being killed it is only a matter of time before they become extinct.  Comment as you see fit.