Yesterday In Prospect Park Brooklyn

I met up with my lovely Congolese friend Simba and her Drummer Sam in Prospect Park Brooklyn yesterday, where she was doing a rehearsal for a dance number.  We chatted up about upcoming projects, danced around a bit and took some pictures.  She is such a ball of sunshine, there's guarantee fun and positive energy whenever she's around.  Love her to bits!  Check out the pictures below. Cheers!

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Thanks!! xo Mia


Lunch Break featuring DJ Questlove

I had the pleasure of attending a lunch Break dance party this past Friday at the rooftop Lounge of the dream Downtown hotel in Manhattan.  I had read of such a thing in a NYTimes article and dreamt of going, so when the opportunity came along I went for it.  It was an hour of fun, dance and one alcoholic beverage limit.  The chief of the lunch dance, DJ QuestLove was on the ones and twos.  It was the perfect way to launch the start of a great weekend.  Check out the pics and comment as see fit, Cheers!


Image is Powerful: Cameron Russell at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

I came across this video and I thought to share with you all especially because the topic is so relevant right now.  Check it out.


Cliche Mag Aug/Sept 2013

Cliche Magazine Feature

I was delighted to find out that I am recently featured in Cliche Magazine's Street Style Section.  I'm happy to announce that the new issue of Cliché Magazine, featuring my outfit in their "Street Style" section, is now live on their website and in the iTunes app store! http://clichemag.com

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