Taibo Bacar’s FW13 Exclusive Collection

Taibo Bacar understands women as well as he knows fashion. He never follows the trends, he creates the trend and if you have closely followed his designs for the past couple of years, you would understand why this Mozambican designer is one of Africa’s most talked about designers on the global scene. For his FW13 Exclusive Collection, Taibo stuck true to his roots and created another amazing collection. The collection is extremely feminine, dresses are beautiful and sexy, and the detailing on certain pieces are simply amazing. Taibo got inspired to create this collection “after his visit to Rome”, he said: “I wanted to create something unique that could reflect where I am from and where I have travelled to“. The collection includes bustier tops, elegant dresses, skirts, and he used their local African fabric “Capulana“, with cotton, silk, mesh and lace. Cheer!!