Despite the number of countries repealing laws which discriminate against LGBT people, 78 countries around the world maintain laws which makes homosexuality illegal.  With the vote on the Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill set to become public in the coming days, photographer Mathias Christensen met gay people in Uganda who fear for the changing of the law.

"Bad Black" is a transsexual man who has struggled to make a living as a sex worker since his family threw him out of their home because of his sexuality.  His neighbors have threatened to burn down the house in Kampala slum where he and three friends share one room.  He has been imprisoned and tortured by police, and lives in constant fear of police and neighbors

Brian is the leader of the gay community project, Icebreakers.  The project runs a free clinic for LGBT people, and a small shelter for those faced with homelessness.  He abandoned the church because of it's role in supporting "Kill the Gays" bill, but he still believes in God.

 Ema and Simon are a couple living in a shelter for gay people in Kampala.  Their families shunned them when they found out they were gay.

 Cleo is a transexual woman.  She lives in less danger than some of her peers because she has received hormonal treatment to enhance her feminine appearance.

A year ago, Kampala had several gay-friendly bars and clubs.  Today, there's only one gay bar left and it's visitors are certain that it will close when the bill is passed.  This story and pictures were brought to you via "The Guardian".