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Hello peeps!!  Some you you may already know about my online shop, for those of you who do not,  feel free to check it out https://tribalpunkapparel.bigcartel.com  Running a small business or any business what so ever is no walk in the park, I am learning and growing as a business owner everyday.   I recently entered a contest to win a small business grant and it would mean a lot to me if you took the time to vote for me please...  Follow this link  www.missionmainstreetgrants.com click on VOTE and TYPE Tribal Punk Apparel and make sure it actually says voted.  Here are some of the items I currently carry ...  Thanks in advance!

 Braided Head Band
 Alexander Wang Inspired Bralette
 Leather chain Bracelet
 Hearts Beanie
 Ying Yang Tee

 Black Floral Head Band
Gun Studded Beanie
 Ying Yang Beanie
 Dollar signBeanie
 Mickey Mouse Ear Beanie
Black Fringe bralette

These are some of the items in shop right now.  Happy shopping and thanks for checking me out!

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Invasion Of The Stickers Halloween Theme Show!

This past weekend my lovely friend, founder of Educated Little Monsters Youth Group, Brooklyn Acts and owner of Jazzabelss Boutique , who goes by the name of Jazo Brooklyn had an Invasion Of The Stickers exhibition in Bushwick Brooklyn.  Aimed to promote local, out of town, underground and all around street art/artist.  I stopped by, camera in hand and took some pics to share.  Comment as you see fit. 

Check Jazo Brooklyn out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jazzabelss
XO Mia


Yesterday In Prospect Park Brooklyn

I met up with my lovely Congolese friend Simba and her Drummer Sam in Prospect Park Brooklyn yesterday, where she was doing a rehearsal for a dance number.  We chatted up about upcoming projects, danced around a bit and took some pictures.  She is such a ball of sunshine, there's guarantee fun and positive energy whenever she's around.  Love her to bits!  Check out the pictures below. Cheers!

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Thanks!! xo Mia


Lunch Break featuring DJ Questlove

I had the pleasure of attending a lunch Break dance party this past Friday at the rooftop Lounge of the dream Downtown hotel in Manhattan.  I had read of such a thing in a NYTimes article and dreamt of going, so when the opportunity came along I went for it.  It was an hour of fun, dance and one alcoholic beverage limit.  The chief of the lunch dance, DJ QuestLove was on the ones and twos.  It was the perfect way to launch the start of a great weekend.  Check out the pics and comment as see fit, Cheers!


Image is Powerful: Cameron Russell at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

I came across this video and I thought to share with you all especially because the topic is so relevant right now.  Check it out.


Cliche Mag Aug/Sept 2013

Cliche Magazine Feature

I was delighted to find out that I am recently featured in Cliche Magazine's Street Style Section.  I'm happy to announce that the new issue of Cliché Magazine, featuring my outfit in their "Street Style" section, is now live on their website and in the iTunes app store! http://clichemag.com

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AfroPunk Fest 2013

AFROPUNK was founded in 2002, giving a voice to thousands of multicultural kids considered outsiders in their communities.  Today, the notion of AFROPUNK has evolved and comprises a particular force within greater youth culture.  Afropunkers are creative, expressive people who speak through music, art, film, sports, fashion, photography and more.  It is a two day event that takes place at in Fort Greene Brooklyn and because I didn't get a chance to go yesterday, I took some time out of my busy schedule to go today. I am glad I went because it was an opportunity to meet new people and network, listen to great music and take some awesome style pictures for you guys.  Hope you like it, cheers!