Vintage Vest

Vest (Vintage)
Thigh Highs (Forever 21)

I remember when I found this vest in my mom's closet, I was so ecstatic! My mom is from Africa (Cameroon) and she told me she bought it when she first came to America, and that was in the 80s! I think it's so wild and original and that's why I love it. Do you guys ever shop your mom's closet and find something cute? Let me know!


Monroe Steele said…
Cute..i really like that vest too

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC
Robyn said…
Love the beige thigh highs. I have been debating getting some in a similar color, and this has pretty much sold me. When you see me rocking We Love Colors Mocha Thigh Highs, it will be all because of your influence.
Lydz xX said…
loving that vest. cute look
Lydz xX
V. said…
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