Very Odd Pants

Pants (Vintage)
Heels (Urban Original)

Hello loves! How was everyone's Monday? Mine was pretty pathetic haha. So what do you think of these pants? I think they look very 70s, but they're just really odd. Well, tell me what you think :)


Alina F. said...

Love the pants!Very interesting cut and material!xoxo

thefashionguitar said...

Perfect look dear! Love the velvet.

xo thefashionguitar

ChiccaStyle said...

Absolutely love your pants!!!You look gorgeous and everything is matched in a very good way!!!Lovely shoes and I am in love with oversized tee!

Pauline Jorge said...

love the complete look, new follower...

Zoe de gaia said...

Very handsome picture...Love your blog!!!
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KatyaFort's said...

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NRC said...

Liking the pants and shoes hun!

Jen said...

the pants are VERY nice - the cut, colour and material.
and the way you paired it up with the heels and oversize tee - made the bad boys look even more hot.


Rosie said...

Love those pants! I wonder what material its made from:)

Anonymous said...

Hi from Portugal.
After seeing hundreds of blogs and thousands of 80s/harem/fisherman pants I finnaly see what it looks to me like THE most perfect pair of -the above quoted styles- pants!
They look great, the cut is unbelievable and that velvet is just the start. I can imagine a colection of those in every kind of fabric.
Love you (Thanks Wendy Brandes for bringing me to you)