Sleveless Denim and White Socks

Denim Jacket (Target)
Floral Skirt (Free People)
Socks (American Apparel)
Clogs (Aldo)
Satchel (Vintage)

Hello my lovely readers! It's Saturday, what's up for the weekend? Haha :D. I'm sorry for not posting for two days or replying to comments! Don't worry, when I get back to Florida, you guys will have a bunch of comments from me! Things have been pretty busy. I'm actually in North Carolina right now with my family, we're just relaxing. Thank you to all my followers new and old! If you like my posts, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Bloglovin'.


Christina Marie said…
Lovely outfit, love the way those socks look with the heels! x
Lalli Carvalho said…
Beautiful vest.
Your look is very stylish, love it!
maphi said…
i love the socks and high hells , and you have such amazing legs xoxo
Anonymous said…
amazing look! i adore your denim jacket, i love the fact that it's sleeveless! so original
V. said…
this putfit is absolutely perfect: love the print of the skirt, the shoes and the perfect touch of denim!
kisses, v
Anonymous said…
Lovely outfit!!!!!Kisses
I'm not really a fan of socks with heels, but girl, you made it look great! I honestly never would have thought I would be saying this to anyone, but really.... you know how to style!! :)
I hope you're enjoying NC. I love the Carolinas!

Jill Pineda said…
Hi Nihmen,

Oohhhh love those shoes!! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog =)

Happy Easter <3

Olesya said…
I like your blog and you intersnyh posts ♥

come and see me
follow me;)
kiss: -*
Toria said…
Love the denim vest.
socks and shoes is always a pretty combo.Those shoes are so fierce girl.

Thanks for your comment, I'll be back soon :).

Helen, X
Oona said…
those are a great pair of clogs! love the outfit :)
Anonymous said…
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