My Current Cravings

  • Envelope Clutch

  • Penny Loafers

I am in desperate need of an envelope clutch! They're chic, versatile and spacious, which will be perfect for my Blackberry, wallet, lipstick and gum (that's usually all I take when going out). And I think penny loafers are the go-to casual shoe that you can wear with anything! Having a pair in a bright color or pattern will make any look ultra stylish. Tell me what you think :)


Violet said…
love the orange clutch and the tribal like print

Vi from Cali
tishiannae said…
I like the grey purse! I'm not so much into the envelope trend but I think it'll look nice on you. Great blog!

Please follow back :)
Monique Zuman said…
I am in love with loafers!!

Monique xx