Inside My Bag

Bag (Lucky Brand)
Wallet (Juicy Couture)
Makeup bag (Estee Lauder)

  • My Top Necessities:  My Blackberry, my wallet, my Burt's Bees lip balm, my mascara and my Tide To Go!
  • In My Makeup Bag: Physician's Formula 'Plump Potion' mascara, Maybelline 'One By One' mascara, L'Oreal true match foundation, Lancome lip gloss, Covergirl lipstick, eyelash curler.
  • Other things: Betsey Johnson perfume, Motrin, Hand sanitizer, Ice Breakers, hand lotion.
Hello loves! I'm pretty sure none of you care what I tote around in my bag, but I see other bloggers doing similar posts, so I decided why not? But what do you guys usually have in your purses? Let me know!


Anonymous said…
Wow, your contents seem so fabulous! The content of my purse is sooo boring, haha!
vintageshe said…
I am always in my bag I have something to eat! most wonderful yogurt you present yourself in that skirt!
NRC said…
Love it! Its always fun seeing what other bloggers have in their bags!
Tiffany said…
OMG i have the same betsey johnson perfume!! loveee it..she's like my idol lol <3