My Take on Color blocking

Mini T-shirt dress (American Apparel)
Striped Cardigan (American Eagle)
Peeptoe Wedges (Urban Outfitters)
Crossbody bag (

This outfit made me feel happy and energized. The bright colors made me want to smile! Oh, and just ignore the mess in my room haha. Tell me what you think :)


I love the color combination, that shade of coral looks amazing on you, your skin just radiates and glows! You look great!

xo Teresa
Queen A said…
LOVELY LOOK!! those coloursss fits u so well!
Anonymous said…
Thanks girls! I'm glad you guys like it!
Oona said…
coral is pretty much my favourite colour right now! love the yellow nails!
Christy said…
I love the neckline of the dress! So easy and perfect for summer.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the feedback my loves! I really appreciate it :))
bubbles84 said…
you go gawjus those colors look fab on u.