Knock You're Socks Off

Cardigan (American Apparel)
Thigh- Highs (Forever 21)
Wedges (Urban Outfitters)

It was so gloomy and dark when I took this. I honestly just threw this together and didn't even realize how my shirt was the same gray as my shoes! Oh, and how do you guys like my fishtail braid? I did it myself! Well, tell me your thoughts :)


Great look girl!

xo thefashionguitar
what a fresh spring look! love the socks
Anonymous said…
Thanks girls :)
Sabrina T. said…
lady you have a great style!!:)
like so much the white cardigan and ring!!
Come and follow me?i'd be very happy if you do so..i wait u on my blog..kiss
Anonymous said…
Thanks Sabrina!
Jen said…
Really dig your style.
wanna raid your wardrobe.

Jen xx