Beauty Review

This color is called Rumple's Wiggin' by O.P.I. It's a very cute lavender-ish color, and it's very pastel. I love it, it's perfect for Easter! Tell me your thoughts :)


Dee O. said...

I have the EXACT same color!!! I love it, it's one of my faves :)

Nihmen T. said...

Thanks girl! I love this color too, it's so refreshing! :)

Teresa: Life and Style said...

I love it! I love those opaque colors!

xo Teresa

Joandy said...

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Nihmen T. said...

Thanks Joandy! I really like your looks on hypeed.com too, your always so stylish :) And I would love to check out your blog, and thanks for the follow!!!

Anonymous said...

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